Al Khayyat Investments

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    Poised for growth

    Al Khayyat Investments is on the threshold of a dynamic new phase of expansion, both domestically and regionally. Our financial position is strong. We have a committed, mature management team. Our infrastructure is powerful and well developed. We have industry experts running each autonomous business unit. Our vision is to become a leading business group across the region.

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    Progressive, professional, profitable

    Al Khayyat Investments is a family-owned company with a hands-on approach to management. Based in Dubai, it is fully compliant with international standards of corporate governance. For over 30 years, it has built many profitable, long-term partnerships, based on transparency and equitability, with principals in a variety of industries.

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    The management's role

    The Board of Directors has set the vision for the company. Based on that vision, the Board has established the company’s strategies and specified objectives against timelines. These objectives define the missions for the management and the various business units.

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    Structured to perform

    The Board ensures that the company is organised to deliver on its objectives. This calls for the right people in the right roles. It requires the necessary financial and infrastructure resources to be available. It demands that we motivate our people morally and financially. Their performance is measured against objective evaluations of results.

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    Our corporate culture

    Our purpose is to fulfil the needs of three sets of stakeholders: our shareholders, our people and the principals we are partnered with. We are committed to behaving in an ethical and responsible way that contributes to the wellbeing of society. We strive to offer our customers the best service to be found in each industry. We continuously invest in upgrading our infrastructure.

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    Our strategy for business development

    When assessing potential new ventures, we assure ourselves they can be sizeable, profitable and for the long term. Where a partnership is involved, we wish to see that both sides will add value to and benefit from it, and that the relationship will enhance our reputation for professionalism and trust.

  • World class standards

    We work with many of the world’s leading corporations, such as Siemens, GlaxoSmithKline, Peugeot, Superdry, Lavazza and Moulinex. Our operational methods match the international standards of our partners.

  • A proven track record

    Founded in 1982 as Alphamed General Trading LLC, with a staff of four and turnover of $100,000, the company has grown at a steadily increasing rate. It now has a turnover of over US $ 1 Billion (excluding strategic investments) and 5000 members of staff.

  • A dynamic future

    The company operates through eight autonomous business units, each led by specialists in their fields. Continuing investment in a shared infrastructure - warehousing, distribution and logistics, and human resources and administration, finance, and IT – creates synergies that underpin an ambitious programme for growth.

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